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Marijuana Use Signs

marijuana use signs

There are many marijuana use signs to be aware of. You may be wondering if your loved one is only using the drug now and then or if they are actually addicted to marijuana. What is the difference between a "casual user" and a marijuana addict? There are many different levels of drug abuse and marijuana use signs that go along with them. Marijuana use becomes abuse when it adversely interferes with the user's life. At this point, people are often considered a "problem smoker". A marijuana addict is somebody who uses marijuana excessively and/or frequently despite awareness of associated negative consequences directly or indirectly related to its use.

The intensity of the marijuana use signs differ from person to person. The variables include: how much taken, how strong (potent) the marijuana is, how the marijuana is taken (joint, bong, food), size, weight, health, mood, individual experience with marijuana, if marijuana is taken with other drugs, and whether it is taken alone, with other people, at home, or at a party. We have listed numerous marijuana use signs below to help in determining if someone you care for may be using or abusing marijuana.

  • Marijuana Use Signs:
    • Dilated (large) pupils
    • Cigarette rolling papers
    • Seeds that have been cleaned from marijuana
    • Smell on clothing, in room, or in car
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Sleepy appearance
    • Reduced motivation
    • Pipes, bongs, homemade smoking devices (you may see sticky residue from burned marijuana)Anxiety
    • Difficulty thinking
    • Distorted sensory perceptions
    • Dry mouth
    • Euphoria (temporary feelings of elation, energy and limitless power)
    • Feeling sluggish
    • Grandiosity (acting in a pompous or boastful manner)
    • Impaired judgment
    • Impaired short-term memory
    • Inappropriate laughter
    • Increased heart rate
    • Increased appetite, craving sweets
    • Reduced coordination
    • Temporary feelings of reduced anxiety or stress
    • Sadness/depressed mood
    • Sensation that time is passing slowly
    • Social withdrawal and isolation
    • Craving for sweets
    • Discolored fingers
    • Enlarged eye pupils
    • Impaired short term memory
    • Increased appetite
    • Red, puffiness under the eyes
    • Sleepiness
    • Small seeds in the lining of pockets
    • Strong odor of burnt leaves
    • Use of incense
  • Marijuana Use Signs that Marijuana Use is a Problem:
    • Altered perception of reality (e.g., hallucinations, delusions and suspicious thoughts).
    • Continued marijuana use despite significant problems related to use (e.g., financial/legal problems or neglecting responsibilities).
    • Craving marijuana.
    • Finding it increasingly difficult to resist using marijuana when it is available.
    • Spending a great deal of time in activities necessary to obtain marijuana.
    • Cutting back or stopping important social, occupational or recreational activities because of marijuana use.
    • Minimizing marijuana consumption including frequency and intensity.
    • Unsuccessful attempts to control or cut down use.
  • Marijuana Use Signs and Symptoms of Cannabis Overdose: Excessive use of marijuana can create paranoia and possible psychosis. These same effects may develop from long-term use of the drug, which has also been observed to produce sharp personality changes, especially in adolescent users.
    • lung damage
    • chronic bronchitis
    • lowering of testosterone
    • acute anxiety attacks
    • chronic reduction of attention span
    • possible birth defects, still births and infant deaths

Signs and Symptoms of Using Marijuana
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